BRAINS² TÜRKİYE Programs aims to provide “Strategy” options to Turkey and to be one of the leading stakeholders in the field of each relevant National Sectors through asking the right persons the right questions. 

  • “Connecting the global trends with local needs” thru the contributions of Turkish experts.
  • In Turkey, bringing together the experts interested in each program, and transforming their knowledge into concrete outputs and utilizing them for the benefit of the Country.
  • Preparing an environment for events by strengthening connections among the community.
  • Determining Turkey’s commercial position in the related markets that grow rapidly, and the products which Turkish companies are capable to produce, and their potential customers, and the market they can develop, all based on capability analysis, and Contributing Turkey’s capacity, ecosystem and market development in relevant National Sectors.

It is very important for achieving the goal of these programs to ask right questions as well as asking the right questions to the right people. It shall be ensured that the ecosystem shall include all stakeholders in order to analyze the global trends accurately and to determine the right options for Turkey.  Therefore, it is a priority to ensure the inclusion of the representatives of the private sector, who create and experience this transformation, besides ensuring all stakeholders such as academicians, public and non-governmental organizations etc.


It is one of the most important steps of this Program to identify and ask the right questions. Targets of this program towards achieving “holistic and holistic results” and maintaining the focused approach,  are highly dependent on asking the right questions.


  • Does Turkey “really” need a relevant Sector Strategy? If so, why?  
  • What should be the scale of relevant targets? Should it compete globally or compete just with equivalent countries? 
  • How can we participate in the relevant policy building processes of the international organizations and what kind of contributions can we provide?  
  • On which areas in the relevant Sectors should Turkey focus?
  • What should Turkey aim while raising its labor force? Should our education system train engineers to develop relevant Sectors, or should it train experts for the professions of the new economic system.
  • If the relevant Sector is to be developed, what should be done in order to to establish required institutional infrastructures? 
  • In Turkey, what is the current situation of producing/providing infrastructural products orservices which are required to develop the relevant Sector? 
  • In which critical fields the relevant Sector would increase the efficiency exponentially? Which steps should be taken if production and development studies are initiated towards these fields?
  • Which export markets should be targeted for products and services of Turkey in relevant Sectors?
  • How to deal with sectorial prejudices? About these issues, is there a model which can be presented for the world?
  • Should it be considered in the relevant National Sector’s strategy to develop policies for the sectors where the employment rates will decrease as the relevant Sector grows?
  • Okul ve Üniversitelerde ilgili eğitimler nasıl verilmeli (curricula, licence departments, etc)?

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