TASAM (Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies), which has started to operate as a neutral and independent “think tank” 18 years ago, has become an international brand, by penetrating its domains deeply, with the activities it institutionalizes and the capacity it builds. BRAINS²  TÜRKİYE, which is to be realized by TASAMWORLD and TASAM BGC, will be organized within many event structures that continue at international standards.

There are 6 sectors as the “effective and changing” power at the basis of the changing global economy and balances. These sectors are “Biotechnology“, “Robotics“, “Artificial Intelligence“, “Nanotechnology“, “Space” and “Strategic Services“, and they interact each other, and progress in parallel. BRAINS² TURKEY is a Turkey-based  multi-programmed brand/initiative developing market, ecosystem and capacity in these fields.

Programs planned on visions and strategies prepared seperately for each of these basic fields transforming the new business model and multi-dimensional power distribution in global economy, are implemented under the common title of BRAINS² TURKEY.

Featured ambitious corporations and brands which are to be a Sponsor will find the opportunity for effective initiative and prestige in their respective sectors as well as having the right of representation for all related future activities and outputs particularly during the scope and process of BRAINS² TÜRKİYE | 2020. Corporations, which will be entitled significant prestige, rights and benefits in proportion to their contribution as sponsors, will take the leading position in the preparation, implementation and following processes of all activities performed under the Summit calendar of that year. Sponsor corporations will be represented with their names/brands/logos in related media meetings, bulletins, announcements, radio/TV programs, sites, open air platforms, publications, reports, leaflets, posters, invitation, promotion materials, banners, presentations, slides etc., and in all verbal-visual-audio-written-printed-electronic communication platforms within the scope of professional promotion and public relations activities in national, regional and international level. Thanks to the sponsorship advantages, the sponsor corporations will find “eye-opening” promotion/introduction/sharing opportunities at meeting(s) that are followed by national and foreign press, participated by public authorities, scholars and senior researchers from Turkey and abroad, where strategic assessments are made about the region/sector/market and high level of prospective customers/partners/stakeholders come together.

Your sponsorship/cooperation support to BRAINS² TÜRKİYE will confirm common vision, mission and expectations of both your corporation and our country, and will be highly appreciated.



  • Accessing Effective Internet Professionals
  • Internal and External Networking Opportunities
  • Unique Marketing and Brand Exposure
  • Making Valuable Contacts and Increasing Sales
  • Market Development Opportunity
  • Detailed Sector Analysis (Product, Opportunities, Market, Customer etc.)

Sponsorship revenue significantly reduces the overall cost of participation, allowing more participants and stakeholders to participate in the BRAINS² TÜRKİYE program(s). Your sponsorship support for BRAINS² TÜRKİYE helps ensure the widest possible range of regional participants, particularly those of the relevant sectors that are changing our current world and balances.


Based on our past experiences, it is foreseen that thousands of delegates from several public institutions, private sector, universities and other institutions out of many parts of Turkey participate the multiple events to be held within the scope of BRAINS² TÜRKİYE. Beyond, BRAINS² TÜRKİYE is supported by key authorities..


  • Ministries
  • Public institutions
  • Public and Foundation Universities
  • Satellite Communication Providers
  • Education and Research Institutions
  • Trade and Industry Organizations
  • Data Centers
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Information and Technology Firms
  • Finance, Banking, Logistics, Insurance Sectors
  • Scientists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Primary & Secondary Education and Higher Education Students, Teachers and Academicians
  • Security/Defence Institutions and Employees

 and participants in many other categories.



(Dates are constantly updated on the site)

  •  Sectoral Wise Persons Boards Formation
  • Composing National Ecosystem Inventory and Mapping
  • Sectoral Special Module Studies with Relevant Ministries and Authorities
  • Sectoral Workshops / Meetings
  • International Conference
  • Brand/Technocity Institution/R&D/Production Model Studies
  • Sectoral Research Projects (Product, Market, Competition, Opportunities etc.)
  • Comparative Sectorial Application Projects
  • Education and Vocational Training Modules

Effective publicity and public relations activities are also carried out in the 3-month period, including before and after the events.


Sponsorship Contracts cover respective activity calendars and are performed following the payment of the contribution fee designated for the preferred sponsorship.

This prestigious events offer unique promotional potential and opportunities for sponsors. As a result of global researches; it is stated that the promotional activities carried out in such events give more positive results on the target audience and achieve much higher success than the classical methods at the point of retention and prestige.

Especially today, with the effective use of different media – mainly social media – there is an opportunity to strengthen enormous prestige for companies and institutions within the scope of such a brand event. With the effective use of social media, companies can become known, trusted and demanded brands in a very short time, not only on the target people but also on the target regions and locations.

The interaction of these studies in the field will be measured and reported by our expert staff with scientific methods, and ideal perception management will be provided at the point of brand preference.


Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary field and a sector using living materials and containing the research, development and production processes of relevant products with economic value.


Artificial Intelligence is a branch of technology and sector that develops and applies the ability and capacity of computers or robots controlled by them to perform different operations, by imitating intelligent creatures.


Space is the name of the gap between celestial bodies in the universe, but it also defines the branch of science and the sector, that covers research, study and practices in this field.


Robotics is a branch of technology and industry towards the integration and application of scientific and technological developments on robots, and which continues to progress interactively all along the ages.


Nanotechnology is a science and a sector which creates new materials and systems through changing the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of atomic structures or components.


Strategic Services define the sector that first starts with individual consultancies on military and political issues and covers critical services on many issues between institutions and countries over time.

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Your sponsorship/cooperation support to BRAINS² TÜRKİYE will confirm common vision, mission and expectations of both your corporation and our country, and will be highly appreciated.