Within the scope of each focused program, BRAINS² TÜRKİYE will realize multidimensional specific studies and activities in which the relevant strategies/documents and markets of the countries such as US, Russian Federation, China, France, Germany and Japan are comparatively examined, common global trends are analyzed, and ideal strategy options for Turkey are presented  will be performed.



While finding answers regarding where our country should be positioned in the field of each program, BRAINS² TÜRKİYE will match the products and customers of the leading Turkish companies, in accordance with their domestic and global position, through analyzing their capabilities.

Developing Social Awareness

Planning the Work Force and Professions of Future

Focusing on Usage in Education

Focusing on Usage in Defence and Security

Arrange Trainings to Train Experts

Sectorial Review and Classification of Global Biotechnology Market

Analysis of Turkish companies that will lead the sector, and product matching

Informative Studies for Adaptation in the Social Life and Industry

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